A new solo instrumental music theatre piece
tells the stories of a baker, a tailor, a child and a mother
living in London’s East End.

‘..restrained direction, sensitive handling of an emotional subject and judicious balancing of poetry, music and narrative’

Stenclmusic combines stories, poetry and images with an original, witty and dramatic score for clarinets and voice from the acclaimed composer Rachel Stott.  It  dramatizes the ups and downs, the romance and hardships of Jewish Whitechapel life.

As the versatile clarinettist/performer Neyire Ashworth takes you on this journey, you will share in the delights and tragedies
of the area - the clarinet leading you
through the virtual streets and
transforming into memorable characters.

Stenclmusic is a dramatic evocation of London’s East End inspired by the poems of the charismatic Yiddish poet Avrom Nokhem Stencl 1897-1983 and memories from the community.
The live performance is supported
by multi-layered recorded clarinets,
with a sound design that plunges
you into the streets of Whitechapel, alongside interviews with its inhabitants.
Projected images of the streets
and people, past and present,
create a colourful and mesmeric