The production of Stenclmusic includes recorded interview material from, Hannah Grant (recorded in the Yiddish Class that she leads at Edgware and District Reform Synagogue), Majer Bogdanski, Esther Leigh, Ray Rinkoff and Marie Lowe.
The poems of Avrom Stencl are read in Yiddish by Majer Bogdanski and in English by Brian Abbott. The translations of Little Bird on a Chimney and verses from Whitechapel Idyll are by Stephen Watts. The translations of Played out Whitechapel No 6 (The final Jew) and Played out Whitechapel No 1 (With tailor’s needle and thread) are by Chaim Neslen.
Stephen Watts reads his own poems, Brick Lane and Birds of East London. Brian Abbott reads a compilation of texts drawn from observers of the Cable Street Riot. The clarinets are played by Neyire Ashworth and were recorded by Steve Parr at Hear No Evil Studios. Spoken texts were recorded and edited by Neyire Ashworth with the generous assistance of Ashley Drees.  Photographs are by Neyire Ashworth, Philip Parr and Craig Taylor. Historical material is used with the generous permission and assistance of the Tower Hamlets Library Local History Archive.

Bella Kerridge
Marie Lowe
Carol Shaw
Max and Marie Bernard
Dell Nissen
Hannah Grant and her Yiddish class
Esther Leigh
Alan and Ruth Sheldon
Louis and Joita Dias
Ray Rinkoff
Majer Bogdanski
Glen Sheldon
Sol Banks
Francis Martin
Esther  Whine
  Thanks to
Friends of Yiddish
Chaim Neslin
Dr Haike Beruriah Wiegand
Majer Bogdanski
Geraldine Auerbach and the JMI
All at Klezfest
Ashley Drees 
Steve Parr – Hear No Evil
Brian Abbott
Dan Tomlinson
The People Show
Pippa Bailey, Rachel  and Simon and all at Oxford House
Tim and Angela Devlin and all in Lincolnshire
Jenni Roditi
NewOp 2003 and the Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Katherine Oldershaw and Craig Taylor at the Swaledale Festival
Tower Hamlets Local History Archive
The Rinkoff Family and all the team of bakers at Rinkoffs Bakery
The Cable Street Group
The shopkeepers and residents of Brick Lane, especially the Beigel shops